Join me in the Learning Lab

Welcome to the JB Sales Learning Lab, where the pace of innovation meets the power of conversation.

The fundamentals of Sales don't change much, but almost every other aspect of the profession is changing faster than ever before. We need to find ways to keep up, and none of us can do it alone.

The JB Sales Learning Lab is a chance for me to learn out loud with my audience from experts and practitioners in the field. The Lab begins with engaging conversations on my "Make It Happen Monday" podcast, featuring unique perspectives and expertise in sales, psychology, entrepreneurship, and more. We then transition these insights into interactive workshops for my JB Sales members, where we dive deep into applying what we've learned.

JB Sales Learning lab

For Practitioners

If you're an individual with unique insights in sales, tech skills using tools like ChatGPT, or practical sales techniques and templates, we welcome you to share your expertise for free. No product pitches here; just interesting conversations aimed at getting people to think and providing as much practical advice as possible along the way.

The Exposure You’ll Get for Your Personal Brand Includes:
  • Make it Happen Monday podcast with over 1.5M downloads
  • Linkedin post and social shares with over 400k combined followers
  • Exposure to a dedicated sales audience of the JB Sales Membership
  • Two high-quality, co-branded video clips of your session for your promotional use
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JB Sales learning lab

For Sponsors

For those with a product to showcase, our sponsorship option offers a unique opportunity. Not only will your executive be featured on our podcast, but you'll also get a dedicated slot in our workshop to demonstrate your product.

Sponsorship Package ($5,000):
  • A guest appearance for one of your executives on the “Make it Happen Monday” podcast with over 1.5M downloads
  • ‍A 60-second ad roll (with offer) on your podcast episode.
  • A dedicated workshop live streamed on Linkedin, YouTube, Instagram and TikTok to showcase your product to a collective audience of over 400k followers
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Keynote speeches need to be more than just hype sessions, they need to make an impact and lead to action that drives lasting change.  Our 60-120 minute Keynotes are designed to elevate your Sales team’s mentality while giving them the tools they need to execute and continuously improve.

  • Continuous Growth Mindset 
  • Age of the Agile Sales Org
Tactical (with group exercise)
  • ‘Sales-Ready’ Messaging 
  • Objective Negotiations