Individual Training

Proven training for driven sales professionals who want immediate results.

We’ve trained thousands of sales professionals at some of the fastest growing and most successful companies in the world. Our Signature Programs, live training and OnDemand Library are designed to give you the structure, tools, and techniques you need to drive immediate results while giving you an agile framework you can use to evolve.

"I took a new sales job in March 2020 and it was extremely challenging with COVID but, I had also not worked in a pure sales role in over a decade. I googled "How to Make a Cold Call" and watched some of your YouTube videos (being
from Boston, I appreciated your style).

From there, I started listening to your PodCasts and showing up to your webinars. I worked up the courage to focus on cold calling and sending video messages. After a few months, I was starting to book meetings and made sure to secure the next step. Those meetings started to turn into deals and I am happy to say I have been able to hit every sales goal.

I did not think I would make it too long in my job those first few weeks and now I am a top performer. I cannot thank you enough for the content that you have put out and will be forever grateful."


"I just wanted to give you a shout-out and say, ‘Thank you for everything you have taught me!’ I was finally able to close a big deal with Xxxx towards the end of last year. Your training and methodology were the backbones of my outbound process."


"John's knowledge of traditional and nontraditional selling techniques and sales methodology is his key differentiator from other sales trainers."


TRAINING packages

Our training delivery options let you choose the most appropriate option for your team.

JB Individual Membership

  • Live monthly training on our two Signature Programs delivered by John Barrows
  • Live monthly workshops on various sales related topics with a focus on execution
  • Live monthly Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions with John Barrows
  • Access to our entire OnDemand catalog with additional courses and resource library
  • Certifications on Signature Programs
Investment: $419/user/year
Sales Training


With this delivery option you get a dedicated JB Sales Certified Trainer who will work with you to tailor one of our Signature programs to suit your team’s specific needs.  It includes:

  • Pre-session kick-off call with leadership to discuss customization, reinforcement and coaching
  • Manager access to OnDemand content related to the chosen program to assist with session planning, reinforcement and coaching
  • Customized training for one of our signature training programs (Filling the Funnel OR Driving to Close) delivered in (3) two hour remote sessions or in (1) day onsite
  • Live application and real-world exercise feedback
  • Access to premium resource library
  • Reinforcement documentation
  • Post-session call with management to discuss feedback and reinforcement
  • Certification for the selected program
Sales Training


This delivery option provides flexibility for growing teams with diverse needs. It includes 1-year access for an unlimited amount of reps in any role (SDR, BDR, AE, CS, AM) to all our courses. It includes:

  • Live monthly “open” training sessions on our two signature courses, Filling the Funnel & Driving to Close, delivered by John Barrows
  • Live monthly hands-on workshops covering diverse topics delivered by industry thought leaders
  • Access to the entire SellBetter OnDemand catalog with content specific to each revenue generating role in your organization
  • Monthly AMAs
  • Dedicated Slack channel for questions and support
  • Certifications on signature courses
  • Customized reinforcement packages are available upon request for an additional fee


Our Signature training programs are designed to give you and your sales team the structure, tools, and techniques you need to drive immediate results while creating an agile framework you can use to evolve.


Filling the Funnel

This interactive training is for anyone looking to fill their pipeline with consistent, high quality meetings with key personas in target accounts. It provides a framework to test messaging and approaches that work specifically for you and your organization while balancing the execution of quality and quantity outreach. Topics covered include:

  • The Science Versus Art of Sales
  • Context over Content
  • Know Your Sales Equation
  • Refining Your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)
  • Tracking Your Triggers
  • Knowing Your Persona’s Priorities
  • Developing Your “Sales Ready” Messaging
  • Creating Your “Interest” Questions
  • Delivering Your Message (e-mail, phone, video)
  • Executing Your Cadence
  • Creating Your Routine

Driving to Close

This program is for anyone looking to create a common language using a customized “deal scorecard” to objectively measure the health of any opportunity in their pipeline while providing techniques you can use throughout the sales cycle to uncover impact, drive urgency and close deals faster.  Topics covered include: 

  • The “Gives” and “Gets” of Negotiations
  • Creating Your Custom Scorecard
  • Qualification vs Discovery
  • Your Pre-Meeting Checklist
  • Confirming and Controlling the Meeting
  • The “Impact” of Questions
  • Follow up for Commitment and Accountability
  • Objection Handling with Context and Without
  • Knowing When and How to Close

On-demand Courses

Our on-demand courses are designed to give you and your sales team the structure, tools, and techniques you need to drive immediate results while creating an agile framework you can use to evolve.