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  • If you've reached out via LinkedIn DM's and haven't heard back from me it's probably because the message got lost in my inbox. Candidly, it's really hard to stay on top of those messages because of the sheer volume alone.
  • I've documented the answers to the most common questions I get here. Take a look and if you still need something - please fill out this doc and someone from our team will reach out.
  • I've also put in all my sales tactics and advice into my JB Sales Membership Program. It has all of my Filling the Funnel, Driving to Close and on-demand trainings + group coaching calls and weekly advice.
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  • I have done 1000+ speaking engagements / webinars and podcasts for sales pros, leadership and go-to-market related topics. Always happy to support and participate where I can - especially on thought leadership and helping elevate the profession of sales (it's the best job in the world when done right).
  • For inquiries, please fill out the details of your request here. Someone from our partnerships team will reach out to discuss the details and to see if there's a fit.
  • Please note, that as much as I'd love to attend all podcasts and webinar appearances it's become very difficult for me to do all of them.


  • I've had a lot of brands reach out to partner and collaborate to tap into my LinkedIn, Newsletter, Podcast and other custom activations, which is why we have a dedicated Head of Partnerships to support that conversation. Please fill out this form so we have all the right info (click Option D when you get in there)

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