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We've all attended keynote speeches that were inspiring in the moment but had no lasting impact or were an interesting discussion but provided no guidance for practical application. Your time is more valuable than that which is why each of John's keynotes are meant to get you to think differently AND give you the tools to execute.

"John's keynote resonated with every single member of my GTM team. Even my Customer Success team was raving about the insights they got. Everyone walked out of the session excited to apply what they had learned."

Chris CRO

"John's Keynote on the Continuous Growth Mindset was awe inspiring. It made me take a deep look at my own personal goals and values and gave me a framework to apply to my own business and personal life"


Keynote Topics

Our keynote topics let you choose the most appropriate talk for your event.

Continuous Growth Mindset

Through alignment, execution and gratitude

The past few years have been some of the most disruptive years in business in recent memory. Many companies (and people) struggled to survive while others thrived. After speaking with hundreds of executives, working with dozens of companies and reflecting on his own business, John has identified three core characteristics of the companies who have been able to continuously grow even through challenging times. During this Keynote John dives into what he learned, how he has applied these characteristics to his own personal life challenges and how you can too.

The age of the sales rep

The fundamentals of Sales haven’t changed much over the years but a lot has and will continue to do so at a faster rate than ever before. There have been a myriad of new methodologies, tactics, approaches, and technologies that sales reps have to master along with all their product knowledge and admin tasks they’re responsible for. Buyers also have more options and less tolerance than ever before for outdated sales tactics and forced sales processes.

Agility is the number one competitive advantage in today’s market. Sales reps and teams who are agile and continue to evolve will be the ones who continue to thrive moving forward. In this 45-60 minute Keynote John provides a framework to help address various aspects of the sales process that teams can use to execute and test different approaches to find out what works for them. Clients can pick 3 of the following topics to be addressed: Sales-ready messaging, cold calling, cold emailing, negotiations, objection handling.

Sales ready messaging

Includes post session team exercise

Developing sales messaging for outbound prospecting is one of the biggest challenges sales reps and companies face when trying to drive consistent quality meetings at the top of the funnel. The two main approaches we see are where Marketing creates messaging and gives it to Sales who then drop it into generic sequences and push play like robots or they allow the individual sales reps to create their own messaging and there is no consistency. Neither approach drives alignment or predictable results.

In this 60-90 minute keynote you will learn a specific messaging equation that Sales and/or Marketing can use to create “Sales-ready” messaging your reps can use in their e-mails, calls and video outreach efforts. The messaging aligns with personas (in specific industries) and “triggers” (timely events) that can be implemented into cadences and tested to find what works.

This session also includes a team exercise that can be completed after the keynote is finished and is great for teamwork, collaboration and producing a deliverable from the event that the reps will actually take ownership and want to use.

Objective negotiations

Includes post session team exercise

Negotiating takes on many forms but too often Sales training focuses on the subjective nuanced side of negotiations that is hard to replicate without ensuring a solid foundation to build from. By focusing on the objective components of negotiations you can create a common language that can be easily measured and coached to.

During this 60-90 minute keynote you will learn the “gives” and the “gets” of negotiations and the importance of equality throughout the process. You will create your own customized scorecard that you and your team can use to measure the health of any opportunity in your pipeline. It will help you know which deals are real and worth working on and which ones you should walk away from while significantly improving your forecast accuracy.

This session also includes a team exercise that can be completed after the keynote is finished and is great for teamwork, collaboration and producing a deliverable from the event that the reps will actually take ownership and want to use.

Keynote Pricing

Our pricing lets you choose the most appropriate option for your event.



Keynotes – 1 Hour

  • Continuous Growth Mindset
  • The Age of the Sales Rep
Investment: $5,000

Keynotes with Workshop – 2 Hours

  • Sales Ready Messaging
  • Objective Negotiations
Investment: $10,000


  • Continuous Growth Mindset
  • The Age of the Sales Rep
  • Sales Ready Messaging
  • Objective Negotiations
  • ...and more
Investment: $30,000 + T&E

** This is a "day rate" regardless of how many hours (1-8) and can include other components of JB Sales core training programs

Sales Training


With this delivery option you get a dedicated JB Sales Certified Trainer who will work with you to tailor one of our Signature programs to suit your team’s specific needs.  It includes:

  • Pre-session kick-off call with leadership to discuss customization, reinforcement and coaching
  • Manager access to OnDemand content related to the chosen program to assist with session planning, reinforcement and coaching
  • Customized training for one of our signature training programs (Filling the Funnel OR Driving to Close) delivered in (3) two hour remote sessions or in (1) day onsite
  • Live application and real-world exercise feedback
  • Access to premium resource library
  • Reinforcement documentation
  • Post-session call with management to discuss feedback and reinforcement
  • Certification for the selected program
Sales Training


This delivery option provides flexibility for growing teams with diverse needs. It includes 1-year access for an unlimited amount of reps in any role (SDR, BDR, AE, CS, AM) to all our courses. It includes:

  • Live monthly “open” training sessions on our two signature courses, Filling the Funnel & Driving to Close, delivered by John Barrows
  • Live monthly hands-on workshops covering diverse topics delivered by industry thought leaders
  • Access to the entire SellBetter OnDemand catalog with content specific to each revenue generating role in your organization
  • Monthly AMAs
  • Dedicated Slack channel for questions and support
  • Certifications on signature courses
  • Customized reinforcement packages are available upon request for an additional fee