John Barrows and Harris Consulting Group Team Up to Deliver N.E.A.T. Selling™ via OnDemand Platform

This sales training, used by companies like Zoom and Google, will now be available to subscribers on the JB Sales “Netflix for Sales” OnDemand platform.

JB Sales announced today that they will be adding N.E.A.T. Selling™ sales training, developed by the Harris Consulting Group, to the library of sales courses available on the training video subscription service, OnDemand. The agreement between these two companies was reached after CEOs John Barrows (JB Sales) and Richard Harris (Harris Consulting) agreed on the essential nature of ongoing sales training, particularly in light of this year’s events.

“Sales professionals have to confront two different realities,” says Harris. “First, work-from-home business means reps and managers are not able to have the immediate training, coaching and feedback they once did in the office. Second, COVID-19 has created an active hiring market for companies at a time when some industries — like tech — are growing faster than ever. People who can prove their sales acumen with certification are the ones getting hired first.”

The new N.E.A.T. Selling™ course is a 10-session foundational course that teaches sales professionals how to earn the right to ask questions, which questions to ask, and when to ask them. Getting past surface pains to core pains by focusing on qualification, discovery, and making it easier to move the customer through the buyer’s journey at their own pace. All of which helps handle pricing and budget conversations confidently, and ultimately ask for the close. It is aimed towards not only sales representatives, but all members inside of the revenue organization.

“In an organization, everyone sells,” says Barrows. “It’s not just sales reps anymore. New revenue comes through customer success and support teams all the time. We’re excited to bring Harris’ training to the OnDemand platform because his training provides professionals with core skills that bring value wherever they are, and it’s been proven by some of the best companies out there.”

OnDemand, “The Netflix of Sales,” was launched by JB Sales in 2020 and has since provided subscribers the same high quality training used by companies like Slack and Google, while also granting them access to podcasts, interviews, and webinars featuring industry experts. Sales experts featured include John Barrows, Morgan Ingram, Ashleigh Early, Jeff Hoffman and now, Richard Harris. Access N.E.A.T. Selling™ on JB Sales OnDemand at:

About JB Sales

Founded by John Barrows, JB Sales has trained thousands of sales professionals across hundreds of companies, many of which are the fastest growing technology companies in the world. Their signature programs, Filling The Funnel and Driving To Close are designed to give sales teams the structure, tools and techniques needed to drive immediate results while positioning them for long term success.

About The Harris Consulting Group

Founded by Richard Harris, who also serves as the Director of Sales Consulting and Training for Sales Hacker, The Harris Consulting Group was founded to train SaaS organizations that have strong ideas and a solid product market fit, but struggle to build or scale their sales teams. The Harris Consulting Group’s N.E.A.T. Selling™ training helps sales professionals get more qualified meetings, ask better questions, and make better projections, and is used by companies like Zoom and Google.

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